TOA’s long-accumulated technological expertise and knowledge in security and audio gives birth to its top-of-the-line PA System Integration solutions. Schools, office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, transportation terminals, and other establishments can now be provided with reliable and efficient communications via TOA’s range of equipments that feature outstanding audio quality and a clean attractive design.

TOA Public Address System Integration

  • VM-2240 System Management Amplifier

TOA VM-2240

The VM-2240 is part of a select range of sound management equipment. It is asleek and flexible management amplifier that can be mounted in a 3-unit equipment rack.It is efficiently designed to aid in easy operation. Four audio and music inputs, and the speaker output accompanied by a five-zone selector provide optimal functionality. In the event of an emergency, pre-recorded voice instructions can be set to avoid panic and injury. It is also capable of general broadcasts via a wired microphone or a remote microphone (RM-200M).100 V/42 Ω application with the optional EV-200M and SV-200MA voice announcement and surveillance boards, is capable of surveillance and automatic checks for system failures.

  • RM-200RM Remote Microphone


The RM-200M is a portable remote microphone used to make general and emergency broadcast announcements. It connects to the VM-2120, VM-2240, VM-3240VA and VM-3360VA. Its sleek and efficient design is easy to use and bring around.

Public Address Speakers

  • Ceiling

ceiling speakers

Ceiling speakers are ideal for use in a voice alarm system since they are not obstructive. They offer high quality sound and are less frequently damaged by the environment, this makes them a very efficient speaker. The cables are easy to connect and is capable of bridge or branch wiring depending on the model.

  • Box

box speakers

Easy to install and offers great natural surround sound since they are mounted on walls. Since these are vented, they are more efficient than the sealed models because the channeling of sound waves are done in a more effective manner.

  • Splash proof Box

splash proof box

These speakers are resistant to water which makes it very useful in rainy weather. It is easy to install and has quality audio performance.

  • Horn (Separate Type)

horn speakers separate

These weatherproof horns have a loud sound but require a driver unit and a matching transformer.

  • Horn

horn speakers

These are still weatherproof but do not require a driver unit and a matching transformer. The sound audibility is still impressive.

  • Column


Column speakers are made from a single baffle board with cone speakers arrange vertically. This provides wider horizontal reach. Best used for hallways and enclosed areas.

  • Interior Design

interior design

Designed for ceiling and wall installations, they are beautiful and blend with the lighting. The speaker angle is flexible and easy to adjust due to the supplied swivel bracket. Some models can be hanged from the ceiling from a cable and can be repainted to adjust with design needs.

  • Special

speacial speakers

A variety of special speakers are available with unique features such as: garden; splash proof ceiling; ultra-high power horn; and explosion proof horn speakers.

  • Wall Flush-mount

wall flush mount

These are small with silver grills and are mounted on walls. It is ideal for hotel and hospital rooms, and reception counters in the banks and clinics.

  • Speaker Mount Brackets

speaker mount brackets

Brackets are available for horn and full-mount speakers. Different mount correspond to different models.

  • Accessories


Numerous accessories are available for a variety of models. Among the available accessories are: wall mounting box; attenuators; plates; and connectors.

  • Impedance Meter

impedance meter

The impedance of speaker lines are easily measured using impedance meters. Multiple sound problems, either stand-alone or with a peripheral can be troubleshot using an impedance meter.


These range of devices allow your organization to have seamless and reliable communication whether for general broadcasts or for emergency instructions wherein proper communication is vital. All these outstanding TOA products are available to you at Above Infranet, just choose the ones that best fits your organization.