Our Voice Communication Solutions

  1. NEC Voice Communication Platforms. We have the following UNIVERGE 360 range of communications devices from NEC, which can help in combating communication challenges in any business.NEC_SL1000
    • UNIVERGE SV8100 and SV8300 – These servers provide seamless communication in small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). They support video, TDM, IP, wireless and wired communication.
    • UNIVERGE SV8500 – This powerful devise can satisfy communication needs in both centralized and distributed business environments.
    • SL1000 –This system has features such as voicemail, paging, Auto-answer, remote monitoring, to name a few. It is ideal for SMEs and SOHOs.
  2. NEC Telephone TerminalsWe have two NEC telephone terminals that will enhance your customer service while improving staff productivity. NEC_DT310_2E
    • DT700 IP Terminal – A sleek and stylish terminal which is both modular in design and customizable. It supports a broad range of applications and it’s easy to use.
    • DT300 Digital Terminal  – This terminal is built with comfort and style in mind. Its strength lies in Bluetooth support, programmable line keys and full duplex speakers for unparalleled hands-free communication.
  3. PABX NetworkingPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) is a telephone network that will allow your single access line/number to offer multiple lines to the callers from outside your organization. It also gives your internal callers/staff a broad range of external lines to use.PABX NEC SL1000
  4. GSM Gateway Integration. As the use of mobile networks is on the rise, your business could be losing money through costs incurred during fixed-to-mobile calls. Our GSM gateway integration solution will eliminate such costs by integrating your exiting telephone network with your preferred GSM network. IP PBX PHONES
  5. Call Accounting SystemThis software solution will assist you in keeping accurate call records and accounts. It interfaces with voice platforms to provide you with unlimited call reporting .This system is the telecom expense management solution that you need in your sales and customer service departments.callplus1
  6. Hotel PMS Integration. A well integrated hotel PMS (Property Management System) interconnects the various modules. This helps to streamline hotel and resort operations in order to increase profitability. Our hotel PMS integration solution aims at ensuring that your hotel’s unique operations run smoothly, from the front office to the spa, conference, kitchen, etc.sv8500 multi-site deplyoment
  7. Voice Cabling System. We offer cabling solutions through our voice cabling system, which can meet the specifications of your project without worrying of its size and location. With this system, voice cabling is made easy, enabling your business to benefit from an effective and efficient telecomm network.Systems Integrator for Network Infrastructure Solutions
  8. TOA Public Address System Integration. Whether yours is an office building or a factory, a public address system is crucial in cases of emergency, paging, controlling or monitoring the masses. Let us integrate your organizational operations with the leading TOA public address system, for easy and cost effective communication.SCG-4QE
  9. The Nurse Call System. Our Nurse Call System is developed to help the patient draw the attention of the nurse right from their bed.  This facilitates timely response in order for the patient to get the help they need. Its increases your nurse’s response time and bring order in handling emergency situation in the wards.SC-600CT