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Why is Surveillance required?

When our business is doing pretty well, there would be chances that someone wants to spoil the name of the business intentionally and might do some mischief. They might tamper a machine for producing poor quality product or people can also be spying unknown. So Is there a way to stop malicious forces like these? Yes with proper surveillance, we can restrict these forces and safeguard our business from negative vibes like these. Surveillance isn’t just for the purpose mentioned above; we can also monitor each and every section of a unit or an office sitting at a single place. So the central monitoring station can have command over all the critical and key places in the premises. It also helps us meet the standards laid by various government organizations based on the nature of the business. And above all its best to be precautious than to cure, isn’t it?

How do we achieve it?

Well there are a lot of different options by which we can get a premises secured. However the following three options of surveillance are probably best for physical surveillance:

  • IP Camera
  • Analog Camera
  • CCTV Camera (both analog and digital)

Let’s check out the features of each type of camera:

IP Camera

Ip Cameras uses IP for sending or receiving the data to the central recorders. There are two types of IP cameras:

  1. Centralized IP Cameras: These use a Network Video recorder to manage the recording and alarm management. These are best options when we have a huge infrastructure and we can afford to install a network recorder too.
  2. Decentralized IP Cameras: These cameras have inbuilt recording function and store data locally on flash drives. This is best for small sizes business. However this solution can’t hold data for much longer and rewrites the data as soon as the memory is full. It’s just for viewing the premises live or at the max reviewing footage of few hours at a time.

The concept of IP cameras was brought to the market by Axis communications and they have been doing pretty good at it since then.

Analog Cameras

As the name suggests these cameras record footage over tapes drives and sends the data in analog signals. Analog cameras usually provide low quality due to the limitations of tapes running speed and frame capturing, but these are good for a business where we want to save on cost and at the same time have a grip on what happens when we are not around. These cameras can be used with digital recorders and for that we need a signal converter to convert the analog signals to digital.

CCTV Cameras

Although most CCTV cameras are digital now a days, there have been days when Analog cameras were used too. With a digital camera, we don’t need to install a video recorder card as the feed can be redirected to a central recorder or a computer via the cables. The quality of the recording with the latest CCTV cameras is quite awesome and can clearly show a person’s identity even from a longer distance.

Now that we know how each type of cameras work, let’s take a look at the OEMs that manufacture these cameras and related systems:

Axis Communications

The first ever network camera was introduced by Axis communications and its only fair to give them the credit for all the advancements that happened in this field. Axis produces network cameras and network video recorders, encoders and video management software. They even have a 4K resolution camera released already.

Axis communications are the specialists of network cameras related infrastructure to support it. It’s a very popular name in the world of surveillance.

DAHUA Technology

Dahua technology provides very reliable and very cost effective video surveillance solutions. The advantage with Dahua products is that they are really cost effective and equally reliable. Dahua provides analog, digital cameras and network cameras as well as the storage devices required for these.

Dahua is also a pretty competitive and reliable name in the surveillance industry.

Newtek Live Multi-Camera

Newtek is a revolutionary company and produces solutions not just for surveillance but also for next generation recording as well as feed editing. Newtek provides solutions that are very popular in the world of sports and they also provide network cameras for surveillance.

We are proud partners of the firms mentioned above and we provide end to end surveillance solution for any type of business. Our experts will survey the site and decide the best suitable solution for your business.