Firewalls and Antivirus

Need of firewalls

Firewalls are used to secure the network from unauthorized access while allowing the legitimate traffic. A robust network firewall would protect your key data and block unauthorized access. Firewalls protect the network from hackers, provide web filtering, act as NAT devices to allow private networks to access internet and save a lot of money as we can use them as VPN gateways too.

Web Filtering Products and Services

We are partners and authorized resellers of Cisco, Dell Sonicwall and Fortinet. Let’s take a look at each series of firewalls and their rich features:

Cisco firewalls

Cisco is the market leader in networking and its firewall solutions are pretty reliable. Cisco came into the market with PIX and then moved to Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA).  Currently Cisco offers ASA X series firewalls (improved versions of ASA).ASA is an all in one solution provided by Cisco.

Key features of ASA:

  • ASA acts as a network firewall protecting the network from unauthorized access
  • It acts as a VPN gateway for both IPSEC as well as SSL VPNs. ASA also supports GRE VPNs and DMVPNs.
  • Provides stateful inspection so we don’t need to add a rule on both the sides of packet flow
  • Acts as a TLS, SIP proxy enabling remote users to access the SIP servers inside the network.
  • Application inspection is another very helpful feature that ASA provides
  • Provides Web filtering and content inspection.
  • Supports multiple virtual firewalls in a single physical box so it also avoids the need to buy separate physical firewalls for smaller networks and we can work with just one physical firewall and share it for different environments.
  • Also has IPS module (needs to be purchased separately) that can protect from intrusions into the network from malicious hosts.
  • Throughputs of up to 40 GBPS and perfectly suitable in Datacenters too.
  • 10 GB connections on the higher end boxes make these boxes suitable for next generation Datacenters
  • Supports dynamic routing protocols.

There are many more features that make ASA a very good choice for enterprise environment.

Dell Sonicwall firewalls

Dell has taken over the leading firewall manufacturer Sonicwall and the relationship has become even better. Currently Dell Sonicwall offers a variety of firewall and similar security solutions suitable for different businesses.

Along with the key features of regular firewalls, Sonic wall has product ranges specifically designed to setups that are internet facing and have greater capabilities to protect such networks. Let’s take a look of the important features that make it a super security solution.

Key Features:

  • Very strong intrusion detection mechanism helps eradicating worms, software vulnerabilities, Trojans and application exploits.
  • Application intelligence and visualization helps in preventing Data leak prevention, maximizing network security and increase the effective productivity.
  • Inspects the SSL packet deeply using RFDPI and then re encrypts it.
  • Supports BGP and other dynamic routing protocols
  • Provides WAN acceleration and increases higher effective speeds between sites.

Dell has a product for each need and it has a vast range of network security products ranging from small business to huge enterprise environment.

Fortinet Firewalls

Fortinet firewalls provide a complete solution and it includes all the features required at a network level, including a firewall, vpn gateway, DLP, IDP/IPS and many more such features. Let’s take a look in to the features:

Key Features:

  • It works as a deep packet inspection firewall and has stateful inspection too.
  • Fortinet firewalls have IPS modules too if required (it needs a license).
  • Fortinet firewalls also have Data Leak Prevention module (however it needs license).
  • Fortinet also have 10 Gig interfaces that make them suitable in Data Center environment.
  • Fortinet devices also support content filtering and web filtering
  • We can shape the traffic using a Fortinet firewall (QOS).

Antivirus Solutions

We have partnered with a lot of Leading Antivirus providers and these along with the network firewalls provided the best solution in the industry.

An Anti-Virus protects an end host from Worms, Viruses and other malicious scripts running on that host. Things like these might be missed by a network firewalls or never reach a network firewall (if the attack comes from a local host).  Let’s take a look at the advantages of an Antivirus:

  • It protects the host from Viruses and this protects a lot of money to the firm as the viruses are majorly used to target the productivity of the business and at times the viruses also result in financial loss.
  • An Antivirus also protects us from Spyware and also helps us by preventing Identity theft.
  • Antivirus also protects the hosts from spam.

If you don’t have a good Anti-Virus installed, you are still at risk even if you have a good network firewall. So it’s always recommended to have a good firewall at a network level and also a very good Antivirus for each host.