esser honeywell fire detection and prevention

Fire can start from the most unexpected places at any given time. It can devastate businesses and residential properties alike. The fire alarm system was developed to be able to detect and mitigate the spread of fire, and save lives. The earliest known systems were mechanical which required a person to pull a lever to sound the fire alarm. It relied on a person to detect the fire which made it unreliable. Modern technology has improved the system so that it automatically detects fires through various detection methods such as smoke, heat, and water-flow. With these new devices, fires could be stopped as soon as it started. Alarm systems have also improved to be able to alert people of the fire and guide them to the proper safety exits.

Above Infranet Solutions Inc. provides fire detection and alarm systems installation services so that you can keep your establishment safe and secure from fires. The company acquires high-end detection and alarm equipment from ESSER, a Honeywell company, to be able to provide our clients with the best technology available.ESSER has developed fire alarm and evacuation systems since 1973 and are EN-54 certified. Using their experience, they imbue innovative concepts and technology into their devices such as systems integration, multi-sensor detectors, and intelligence chips.

Features of their system includes:

  • False alarm suppression
  • Reliable detection sensors
  • Can be monitored from a computer
  • High-density detection groups
  • Automatic self-monitoring of sensors and electronics
  • Environmental influence adaptation
  • Uniform response sensitivity
  • Easy and reliable installation and maintenance
  • Comes with sockets and mounts
  • Highly audible and clear alarm system

Secure your business and keep people safe with Above Infranet. With our experience and access to top-of-the-line technology, there’s no longer a need to be afraid of fires devastating your establishment.


Neil Rule,
Technical Director

Last updated:
June 27, 2014