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Importance of Security

Internet plays a vital role in our life nowadays as it becomes more and more popular. It helps us to communicate and interact, to exchange and share our experiences, knowledge, and to doonline business as well. Most of us understand that there is a risk of our data being stolen and hacked while it is transmitted through the internet; as hackers, crackers and theft of data is very common now a days. A message or in general “data¨ transmitting from one end to another is passing number of nodes which makes it very easy for skilled people to grab this data during its transmission. Hence comes into picture the term “Security”.

It is not a serious issue for those who do general online chatting but for people doing online business, online shopping where we share our personal and confidential information, it becomes a concern. For the same reason, encryption is widely used for protecting the data being transmitted and to preserve its confidentiality. Online transaction security, email security and network security are major considerations when it comes to data protection. For securing the data and to provide system protection as well, we may enforce some security policies. Let us try and understand some basic policies as below.

Confidentiality Policy

A confidentiality policy states that only authorized users are to be permitted to observe the confidential and sensitive data, and all unauthorized users are to be prohibited from the same.

Integrity Policy

An integrity policy has two aspects. The first refers to the quality ofthe data that is stored in the system. The integrity policy would say that the data/information stored should be real. The second aspect of integrity policy is associated with the data beingavailable for use. Every authorized user should have access to the data and also no user should beable to unreasonably delay or prohibit another authorized user fromlegitimate access to this data.

For providing network security, firewall technology is used. Let us try to understand what it does-

A firewall is hardware or software based network security system which will analyze the incoming and outgoing data packets in the network and depending on the rule set applied it will decide whether the data packet is to be permitted or not. If the data packet doesn’t match the ruleset applied, it will be dropped. This also helps to protect from public internet threats.

Apart from network security, we also require physical security, as in security in our companies, shops, hotels etc. The purpose to achieve the same can be solved using “Key card security”.  It is commonly used now a day as an alternative to mechanical keys. A keycard lock is a lock operated by a keycard which is a flat, rectangular plastic card which looks identical to a credit card. It stores a physical or digital signature which the door mechanism accepts before unlocking the door or the entrance. There are different types of keycards available, like bar code, magnetic stripe, smart card which is embedded with read/write electronic microchip and RFID (Radio Frequency Identifier) cards.

Surveillance cameras are also used widely for security reasons. The word “Surveillance” is derived from a French phrase for “watching over”. The word “sur” means “from above” and the word “veiller” means “to watch”. Basically surveillance camera is a video camera that is used to remotely monitor any area in a work place or any building by monitoring the images in a central control room. Hence it provides great help to maintain security.

Hence to summarize, security is an important concern for everyone now a day. With technology getting more and more advanced, there are many problems which comes our way to secure our data/information, so it is very important for us to protect and secure our data wisely and to choose the right security solution for preventing any data theft and to overcome security issues.


Neil Rule,
Technical Director

Last updated:
June 27