Networks in offices traditionally used wired solutions and that was ok as people used desktops and there was no need of mobility. The modern offices don’t have a static desk culture and people move one place to another in the office as most the employees use laptops. The employees love to work from where ever they want to and that is where wireless network solutions come more than handy.

Wireless networks eradicate huge chunks of cabling from the floors and hence looks lot more organized. A few years before wireless solution was ok for a small business or for home setup due to the lower speeds compared to wired networks. However the speeds have risen dramatically today and they are on PAR with the cabled LAN. WLAN is becoming a very popular solution and almost all enterprise vendors have wireless solution along with the cabled network. The wireless solution eradicates the need of fixed desk policy at office. More than two people can also work from a single desk if the space is limited. (Suitable for small to medium sized business).

Components of Wireless solution

Let’s take a brief look at the various components of a Wireless Network Solution:

  • Access Points
  • Wireless LAN Controllers
  • Outdoor wireless access points
  • Mobility Services

Access Point

  • An Access Point is a device which connects the end devices of the network (The computers and laptops).
  • Access Points usually connect the LAN to the WAN via a router. Access Points are connected to the router via wired network though. There are few routers that have integrated Access Points.
  • There are various types and most used in enterprise environments is LWAP ( Light Weight Access Point)
  • We can restrict the access using the access points ( Using Access lists ) .

Wireless LAN Controller

  • Wireless LAN Controllers manage Access Points. It controls them via LWAPP (Light Weight Access Point Protocol).
  • WLCs automatically adjust the RF power, Authentication, Channels and security of the LWAPs.

Outdoor Wireless Access Points

  • Outdoor wireless access points are specially designed for outdoor use and to sustain varying conditions. These are very robust and rigid devices and perfectly suitable for Outdoor locations.
  • These also can be managed by WLCs so there is not much difference in terms of management.
  • The visibility is also very high for these and most of them have dedicated security radios.

Mobility Services

  • The new enterprise requires mobility management as a part of its solutions and that can be achieved only with a combination of mobility services and wireless components.
  • The employees have freedom to bring their personal devices to office and as per the OS type and login credentials we can setup a separate SSID for them to limit their access.
  • Mobility services has really been the main factor for wireless to gain advantage over wired networks in major enterprise environments.

We provide complete wireless solutions and we are partners for leading firms in wireless industry.  Here is the list of our solutions that we are a certified installers:

  • Meru Networks ( Meru Wireless )  Meru Networks
  • Hewlett Packard ( hp wireless solutions )  hp-logo
  • Ubiquiti networks ( UniFi wireless )  Ubiquiti networks
  • Ruckus wireless  Ruckus wireless

Advantages of wireless solutions:

  • Better management of mobile devices and remote equipment
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Increase in productivity
  • End users get a flexible environment to work and they enjoy the work.
  • Ensuring business continuity.