Network and data sharing is one of the key business assets that must be maintained and constantly improved for the optimal continuity of your company. Good networking will enable your company’s transactions, communications and other critical functions involving data and information sharing to go on smoothly. This is why the need to have a reliable partner who is committed to offering visionary communication solutions should be your top priority and consequently, they will assist you in optimizing your businesses networks, both hardware devices and software applications to keep you connected at all times.

In today’s world there are dynamic changes in the technological sector and for one to remain relevant you need to keep an eye for details otherwise you might become outmoded just overnight. Networking assists your business to achieve and maintain a competitive edge both locally and globally by enabling constant connectivity to partners, customers and potential investors all over the world. This is why we give it all to offer adequate support to optimize your organizations network and data sharing whether you are a startup or upgrading your already installed network infrastructure. Here are some of the specific solutions you can get from Above Infranet.

Up to date installation and maintenance of network hardware and devices that are flexible to support future development and are secure forms the foundation of your organizations networking system. Depending on the type of network, we do server installation and maintenance, network Hubs/Routers, installation of office workstations and other network device installation that allow easy file and data sharing. The network hardware devices that are installed play a big role in determining the level of security that the network can achieve. It also dictates how easy one can make adjustments and developments to the network in an effort to avoid obsolescence and at the same time without compromising the whole system. This is a very vital concept in networking bearing in mind that the need for improvement will always arise given the fact that things are changing day in day out in the network and communication sector.

Cable infrastructure is another essential component in your entire network whether in a home setting, single office or in a building. It forms the backbone of the whole network setup. Due to this proper engineering in terms of planning, design, installation and maintenance of structured cabling should be done for better functionality of the whole network infrastructure. Among the cabling solutions offered include consultation, design/engineering, site survey, installation and certification of the network. Above Infranet offers fiber optic, voice, data and wireless, Local Area Networks (LAN) and more to that assist in maintaining a high quality and up to standard secure network cabling system. This ensures that upon transmission of your company’s important data and information, you will be guaranteed that it will get to the recipient in a timely manner without interference.

Data and information transmission as seen is a key element in any IT setting and should be invested on for continuity and growth of the enterprise. Therefore, developing and maintaining a fast, secure, updated compatible and reliable network interface for you is our main focus when it comes to offering network and data solutions.