Storage Infrastructure Services

Why is Network Storage required?

Storage is better if it can be accessed by all the users and servers from a dedicated network. There are types of storage solutions say NAS and SAN. While NAS (Network attached Storage) is a bundled storage connected to the rest of the Ethernet network via a cable, it has its own limitations like the storage data has to compete with the rest of the network data on the Ethernet cable and it chokes the network at times and has serious performance issues. NAS solution is best for small to medium sized business.

On the Other hand a SAN (Storage Area Network) uses a dedicated fiber based network and a technology called ISCSCI technique in between the devices and hence producing better performance. Usually all the servers we have in a data center have storage NIC which is used to back the data from a server and keep a copy in the high speed SAN. So whenever a server goes down, it’s very easy to retrieve the last known backup in a new machine and this helps save a lot of time as well very helpful in disaster recovery. SAN solution is probably the best available and usually implemented in huge enterprise environments where the data centers have huge data requirements.

We are authorized partners of many OEMs like Oracle, IBM and Dell storage. Let’s take a look at features of each product:

Features of various storage products

  • NAS storage is ideal where we need less complex but effective storage system as this connects to the rest of the network via Ethernet
  • SAN uses Fiber Channel to connect and has a dedicated compartment in the network connected over FC and ISCSCI. SAN uses a complex but robust architecture and hence te best option available. However it should be considered for Data Center environments with a lot of data going through it and also that storage data should not interfere with the other network data.
  • Tape Storage is the basic enterprise storage and it’s a solution that serves both the requirements of cost optimization as well as abiding data protection laws and this is very less complex compared to the two discussed above. However it needs a lot of human attention to switch the tape drives.
  • Flash Storage is used per server based to increase the response times and performance of the servers.
  • Storage software comes in a variety of flavours from storage monitoring software to advanced software like storage management from a central console. These software optimize the performance of the storage products and also provide proactive analysis.

Product ranges of various OEMs Oracle

We have the following product ranges from Oracle:

  • NAS Storage products like ZFS Storage ZS3-2, ZFS Storage ZS3-4, ZFS Storage Software, ZFS Appliance monitor and many more NAS solutions.
  • SAN storage products like Pillar Axiom 600, Pillar Axiom software and Sun storage Arrays.
  • Oracle offers a variety of Tape Storage systems like SL8500, SL3000, T10000 series and corresponding management and monitoring software.
  • It also offers a variety of SAN networking products as well as Flash storage software.


We have most of the IBM offered solutions. Here is a glimpse of the range of products we have on offer:

  • IBM NAS provides huge range of network attachment to a lot of different hosts and client. The products on offer are N3000 Express, N600, N7000 and the management and monitoring software.
  • IBM also provides Flash based Storage devices like 710, 810, 720 and 820 flash systems.
  • IBMs tape drive solution is pretty competitive and products range from TS1140, TS3100 and TS3500 tape libraries.
  • IBM also offers virtualized storage options like T7700 Virtualization engineT7610 ProtecTIER appliance.
  • IBM’s storage software TIVOLI is very famous and wide known. It’s one of the best management and monitoring software.


Dell is pretty good in flash based storage and virtualization of storage. Dell offers the following storage solutions:

  • EqualLogic PS6210 array accelerates virtualization and hosts twice the VDIs its predecessors could host and its really very fast and reliable VDI hosting appliance
  • The EqualLogic arrays are supported by Dell NAS chassis
  • Dell uses flash based storage mostly and it improves the response times of the applications. Dell has been very innovative here.

With all these storage solutions, we optimize the best solution suited the customer’s requirement and make sure we achieve highest performance for a specific budget. We don’t compromise in quality anywhere and out storage solutions are highly resilient and dedicated. After all a scalable network needs a scalable storage option and we plan it pretty well.