Racks And Cooling Solution

Why is cooling important?

Room cooling is not a very viable and suitable for nex-gen data centers. The latest generation’s high and variable density IT equipment creates a condition that the room cooling had never addressed because of which the cooling system will be inefficient, unpredictable as well as low in power density. Here, the rack-oriented cooling system plays a very important role. The rack-oriented cooling architecture has been developed to address the above discussed problems. This architecture has now emerged as a preferred solution for the next generation’s data centers.

APC Infra-Struxure

APC provides the best products in the market that provide rapidly deployable solutions to quickly address hot spots in existing IT environments.

APC provides the rack-based cooling products that are specifically integrated in or on individual rack enclosures to solve in-adequate air distribution problems. Those rack air distribution system works with existing cooling products to either provide cool air or to remove heat from the rack enclosure. APC INFRA STRUXURE’S enhanced problem solvers ensure uniform inlet temperature to the IT equipment.

APC cooling system provides cooling system for Oracle Japan Server room. Those cooling units will cool the heat that is in the individual rows of server racks in data centers and server room. As a result of this, we can get the hot and cold aisle separated completely.


  • Rack air distribution unit with 2U and 120 Volt along with 60Hz.
  • Rack air distribution unit with 2U, 208/230Volt up to 50/60Hz.
  • APC air removal unit ducking kit 600mm.


The Emerson is the one company that provides world-class indoor server rack cabinets and accessories that respond to an array data centered infra-structure of needs with specific solutions designed for data center optimization.

High-density modular cooling

EMERSON provides an modular cooling that supports an advanced thermal management infra-structure. The Refrigerant based can cool more than 30kw per rack. These are available in rack mount, floor mount and ceiling mount. The water based are available in door mounted models.

Aisle containment system

Aisle containment system is usually required to contain the regular or non-standard aisle configurations in the Data Center.

The features of our cooling system are variable standard components that are interchanged to create custom solution. It also optimizes cooling efficiency by up to 30% and it also increases space efficiency.

Rack Mount UPS

EMERSON provides an un interruptible power system that will provide the reliability, features and flexibility that is required by networks and electronics in rack environments to advance data center efficiency.


  • Liebert PSI – XR and Liebert PSI Line, Interactive UPS with 1000-3000 Volt Amp.
  • Liebert GXT 3 On-line UPS, 5000-10000 Volt Amp.


It is flexible, highly available at lowest total cost of ownership. It increases 30+% of cooling efficiency.


  • It increases the air-flow which provides proper in-take of temperature, by the way increasing the equipment’s life.
  • It is easy to install with its innovative design that will let almost anybody to install it faster and easier.
  • It improves the efficiency of an existing data center.
  • Adds high density racks in low density data center and adds power along with cooling for additional IT equipment.
  • The rack oriented cooling architecture provides the flexibility, predictability, scalability, reduced power consumption, reduced TCO and optimum availability that next generation’s data centers requires.
  • The pre-engineered systems and standardized components eliminates or reduces planning and engineering.
  • It is easy to navigate through menu interface and able to provide predictive failure analysis.