IT Infrastructure Solutions

Why do we need good IT infrastructure solution?

The answer to that question is really simple and well known. Today almost all of the work around the globe happens on computers. So for any business to be successful and move ahead faster, the need of going online and getting connected is mandatory. With a good infrastructure one in the core Steel industry or processing industry can upload the reports and get updates instantly rather than relying on hard copies and couriers that get delayed by days and also more secure than the couriers. If someone uses a personal Wide Area Network (WAN), then the network is more secure than using a public internet.


Let’s take a look at the components of IT Infrastructure solution:

So let us see how each of these components will help your business grow stronger and faster.

Servers and Desktops

Servers and Desktops are the most basic components of the huge IT market all around the world. Each company needs at least fast performing desktops with the latest technology and highly reliable servers in a clustered environment for zero downtime. We are partnered with major vendors of servers and desktops and can provide the latest products as best prices.

Usually all the data is stored in servers and the users work on desktops to use or store the data in the servers. So based on the role, the type of machine should be apt. For example a graphics designer has a different need of a machine and server than an production engineering employee who needs to upload reports at the end of the day to the database server. We understand these requirements and suggest exactly appropriate equipment for various requirements of the business.

Storage Infrastructure Services

All the servers and critical user data needs to be stored somewhere. Traditionally all the data was stored in hard files and there were huge rooms where these were kept. It was pretty tough to get the data from there. Now we have SAN technologies that can store data in size of Petabytes and it’s also easily traceable. So the digital storage takes the headache out of the administrator the manually perform the backup from each server and store in somewhere safe. Usually we have dedicated networks and places for storage in a Datacenter or a network.

We are partnered with the best storage vendors in the market and also have experts assisting you al the time and we want to see your business grow with time.

Power Management

Our power management system consists of equipment that is the best in the world and very resilient that even if the whole grid fails, you need not worry as the backup would run for hours without dropping anything. Power management is a key aspect as not just the data centers or the IT equipment a lot of other aspects of the business (Like the machinery in case of steel producing firm), also benefit from a very resilient and adaptive power management system.

We provide Network UPS, Rack mount UPS, Battery Monitoring system, UPS Monitoring system and many more advanced power management components to let your business thrive without worrying about these things. We are partnered with product manufacturers like Emerson, APC and other such world class companies to keep the equipment running 24/7.

Racks and cooling systems

A rack is a cabinet that supports all the equipment and it has to match the quality of the equipment that goes in it. The next generation data centers need racks that can support rack mount UPS, Rack based cooling and also earth resistant with good solid structure. There are some very good rack manufacturers and we are partnered with probably the best of them like Emerson and APC and few others. Our cooling systems also match the racks and the equipment as we understand that the heat generated by the equipment is proportional to the speed in which it processes the data and the more it is used, the more heat it would generate. For that we need something better than room cooling. We have to look for rack based cooling solution.

All these solutions put together keeps the datacenter and the business up to date and ready to rock.