Call Plus – Call Accounting System

Call Plus is an Call Accounting System that is highly efficient yet trouble-free call tracking system. It provides a quick and detailed record of both national and international direct dialing.


It can discriminate calls made from the various sections of your company’s structure, and keeps all the records in its system making them accessible to you anytime. Call plus automatically computes the cost of a phone call with flexible rate configuration. It logs outgoing and incoming calls and even dialing errors for auditing purposes.

All call logs reports are presented in a user-friendly format that can be forwarded to other business units, making call accounting easy, convenient and accessible anywhere. With Call Plus, call tracking has become easier and more efficient.

System Overview


Product Highlights

      • Device Compatibility

Can be configured to suit your device

      • Comprehensive Reports

Provide accurate and detailed call accounting reports.

      • MYSQL Database Back-up Scheduler

Can back-up recorded data in a specific date and time.

System Requirements


Windows Server R2 2008/Windows 7
Intel Xeon
Database: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle
2 x 500 GB HDD
Raid 0 – 5
Colored monitor with 1024 x 768 resolution


Supported OS: Windows 7
Intel Core i3, i5
Database: MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle
500 GB HDD
Colored monitor with 1024 x 786 resolution