To establish a fast and efficient management system, it is not enough to just have good hardware and software components.  The two must be well-integrated to deliver the best user experience possible. When systems are integrated, there is seamless transmission of information without any loss. It is much easier to coordinate activities and operations with systems that are built to work with one another rather than ones that are incompatible but forced to communicate.

Above Infranet provides top-of-the-line systems integration services to ensure that your business can function as best as it can. We offer a wide range of software solutions developed to cater to various needs in the management industry. With lots of features like automated record keeping, personnel management, and guest services, our products make business operations easier. Below are multiple aspects of a business that our products cater to.

  • Hospitality

With product like the Folio+ hotel system, managing hotel and guest operations are as easy as ever. Manage events and reservations with Event+. Housekeeping and cleaning operations are easily facilitated by the In-House+ software.

  • Communication

Communication is a vital key in any organization; without it, everything would fall apart. It is very important to coordinate tasks and activities to be able to function well. Our Call+ and Communication Middleware products make sure that fast and reliable communication is a reality. They integrate well with all forms of PBX systems and acts as a call accounting program. In case of emergencies, the Emergency 911 application takes care of informing local officials.

  • Finance

Properly keep track of finances, sales, and expenditures with innovative Point-of-Sale and Enterprise Resource Planning systems. As a certified partner of SAP Business One, we offer clients the best finance management applications.

  • Inventory and logistics

Our Inventory+ and asset management system facilitate all operations that require logistics and equipment. More too often, lost and damaged equipment hinders operations and incur a great investment cost. The system tracks and records everything related to these equipment and makes sure they are well kept.

  • Healthcare

Attend to patients well and give them the attention they require with our Nurse Call System, specially developed to cater to the needs of hospital staff and patients.

Above Infranet Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of integration options that are guaranteed to improve the business management experience in your organization.