Role of a System Integrator

The primary role of a system integrator in a business is to make sure the IT infrastructure and other dependent systems are in place for the business to move smoothly without thinking much about these things. So basically the business of a System Integrator is to make sure the business doesn’t worry about the setup of IT. System Integrators basically bring all the subsystems in a place so that those things can serve the business as required.

Key components of System Integration

  • Apt equipment: The System integrator is as good as the equipment. So selecting good equipment is the first important aspect of the business. A good system integrator always helps in choosing the ideal equipment for the client as it is the first and foremost responsibility of a system integrator.
  • Perfect planning: Any system integration should have a plan laid out. Planning helps in executing the things perfectly and we also know where we are at every phase.
  • Proper execution: Once a plan is laid out, it is still not good if it’s not executed properly. To execute a plan perfectly, you need expertise and that is what we provide.
  • Commitment: Commitment lays at the bottom of all the steps and all the processes for any business. We are very much committed towards the businesses of our customers and their customers.

Why choose a good System Integrator?

Suppose you got very good network equipment (say Nexus switches and ASA 5585-X) from a vendor like Cisco. The equipment is still not good if it is not configured properly and the design is not laid correctly. So that system will not be used to its 100 percent as the persons configuring it would not have expertise to use its productivity in a better way and provide resilience to the network.

When you choose a good System Integrator, two things happen:

  1. You get relieved from the headache of managing the IT and you can focus on your main stream business (so it increases the productivity of the business).
  2. System Integrators help you lay out the plan to design the network and implement other solutions properly and they also increase the effective productivity of your equipment and thus help the business indirectly.

Why choose us?

The answer to that question is that we are a System Integrator that handles almost all that is related with IT and makes sure your business would run smoothly. Our Fiber Optic solutions and Wireless network solutions would add speed and flexibility to the network while out firewalls and antivirus would secure the network and thus your critical data.

What do we offer to the customer?

We are a very dedicated and committed System integration Company and we have expert architects and engineers to help you build a robust, fast and highly secure network and also provide the infrastructure that runs above the network like latest Desktops and Servers (all latest cutting edge technologies like VMWare, Hyper-V and blade chassis or UCS to run these technologies).

Our Security Solutions are probably the best in the industry with a very good pricing compared to others. We provide the best racking and power equipment to your data centers to make sure they run 24/7 and you never get an outage.

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