Voice Communications

Every organization requires efficient communication to function effectively. We provide a large range of flexible and robust solutions for your voice communication needs. Achieve all-around and clear telecommunications connectivity through our top-of-the-line NEC voice platforms and telephone terminals. Avail of cheaper calling rates and increased savings by integrating SunComm’s VoIP GSM Gateways into your network.  Even, broadcasting messages within the entire premises is easier than ever with TOA’s public address system; this is very useful for emergency and general broadcasts. Voice communications wouldn’t be complete without a strong backbone to ensure optimal performance; our PABX networking and voice cabling infrastructure gives you just that!

Voice Communications

A provider and implementer of voice cables, phones, headsets, call accounting, and a certified partner with Avaya, Cisco and other voice products. All the customization’s you for your business need is at hand.

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Data and Voice Network Solutions

A strong network infrastructure is what keeps everything together; without it, everything would fall apart. We offer a host of hardware devices from repeaters to gateways that are designed to make sure data goes where it needs to be without fail. Strengthen the foundation and range of your network with our reliable structured cabling, fiber optics, and wireless network solutions.

Network Solution

Engineers experts in LAN/WAN network design and installation, system, server installations and network maintenance, and more.

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Our Security Solutions

It is vital to protect your organization from any unwanted entry or tampering. Without protection, important files and information could be stolen or destroyed. We at Above Infranet Solutions understand your dilemma. That is why we offer multiple levels of security solutions to safeguard your business from internal and external threats. Key card and lockset security ensures that only authorized personnel may enter the physical premises at any given time. Our firewalls and antivirus software from a range of developers make sure that your network is secure and private.  It is even easier to monitor the entries and activities within your business with our innovative CCTV technology system.

Security Solution

We provide security solutions in accordance with our customers needs.

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Our IT Infrastructure Solutions

A strong IT infrastructure is a key component to a productive business. It makes processes faster and easier thus, yielding more profit. Our servers and desktop solutions provide maximum utility and reliability to your workforce. They allow users to interconnect and quickly accomplish tasks. When tasks are completed and the data needs to be stored, our storage infrastructure service provides data centers for reliable data longevity. AC power, UPS, Racks, and cooling solutions ensure that the devices run without fail and that important data will not be lost during power outages.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

We deliver only the best IT Infrastructure solutions that best fit to your business.

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Our Integrations

Maximize the IT potential of your business with our software integration services. Software integration optimizes your equipment to be able to manage specific tasks. Our call accounting system logs all inbound and outbound calls while keeping track of the charges incurred per user. A hotel property management system facilitates the management of operations and logistics within a hotel; it also helps to serve guests better. We also offer a nurse call system so that medical staff are properly informed of a patient’s condition. More software integration solutions are available at Above Infranet.

Structured Cabling

Enables a set of cabling and connectivity products that combine data, voice, video and various management systems that is coherent with cabling infrastructure standards.


We supply and install hardware and components for secure door locking and latching mechanism used for user access control that can be applied to any common door functions.

Hotel Telephone/PABX

Offers comprehensive hotel phone system solutions from small and large hotels that aims to deliver convenient and effective communication solutions for both customers and back-end users.

Hotel CCTV

Provides advance hotel CCTV security management and monitoring by using complete tools to maximize safety to both hotel guests and employees.


Neil Rule,
Technical Director

Last updated:
June 27, 2014