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Project Description

SCG-8QE absorb the advanced technology of the congeneric products. Its appearance is small and exquisite. The inner design is scientific and reasonable. Adopt advanced microprocessor controlling circuit. It runs steadily and its function is completed .All technique guidelines is according to the national relevant standards. Cabinet structure is suitable for multi-users. Every cabinet is made of 8 built-in independent mainboard. Users can reduce or add the quantity of board from 1 to 8 flexibly

Project Details

Sun Comm
Environmental Temperature
-10°C to +40°Cz
Relative Humidity
10% to 95%
Air Pressure
86 Kpa to 106 Kpa
Environmental Noise
Working Frequency
Automatically switch: GSM850Mhz /900 MHz/ 1800MHz/ 1900Mhz
Frequency Stability
Better than 2.5 PPM
Signal Sensitivity
Transmit Power
<2W [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Power supply"] AC 220V/5V [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Dimension"] 59×37×20 (cm) G.W.: 5.0kg [/portmeta]