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Project Description


Allow PIN code entering and reciprocal phone-card lock.
Provide optimized circuit directly connecting the exchange device.
Polarity reversal signal for metering.
3.5dBi gain antenna.
Compatible to PABX.
Suitable for call termination of ISP.
Incoming call reminder, time display.
1,000 mAh Battery built-in.
With big LCD display for date time, signal strength and dial number etc.
With 2 FXS port for telephone / PBX connection.
Support 12khz/16khz metering pulse for payphone (Optional).

Project Details

Sun Comm
Frequency Range
GSM 900/1800MHz; GSM850/1900MHz; GSM quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz selectable
Max Power
0.25W / 0.5W
Idle Current
<30mA [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Working Current"] <400mA [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Sensitivity"] Sun Comm [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Working Temperature"] -10 degree - +40 degree [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Working Humidity"] 45% - 90% [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Atmosphere Pressure"] 86 - 106Kpa [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Humidity"] 0-95% [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Environment Noise"] <60dB [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Antenna Amplifying"] 3.5-12dB [/portmeta] [portmeta title="AC Input"] 110-240V/50-60Hz [/portmeta] [portmeta title="Colors"] White, Black etc. Specific customization (MoQ 1k) [/portmeta]