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Above Infranet Solutions Inc. is a Cebu based company that offers “broad range of advanced digital
communications network solutions’’.

Incorporated and registered on September 21, 2004 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to engage in business of providing technical services availing local skills, technical competence and know-how for installation and maintenance of Information and Communications Technology equipment and components; to provide converged voice, data and/or video equipment, telecommunications systems and associated services; and to import such equipment and systems for domestic dealership.

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Above Infranet Solutions Inc. and Jinisys Software Inc.

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Our Corporate Culture provides growth and development opportunities for all employees,
committed to fulfilling the organization’s vision and leading how we respond and take actions.

Customer Success

We believe that developing a long-term business relationship with our
Customers is essential to our mutual success.


We can be relied upon to do what we say by acting with honesty, sense of duty,
moral principles and highest standard of ethics.


Stimulate product innovations in order to provide the industry with leading- edge


We ensure quality in all products and services that we deliver.


We work together to resolve problems, improve processes and build the future in an
atmosphere of mutual harmony and respect towards a common vision.

Individual Success

We value our assets by means of promoting people empowerment,
professionalism and improving life of our employees.

Social Responsibility

We recognize our social responsibility, towards the environment and the


Industry leader in providing Information Connectivity Solutions.


To Respond to the Industry’s need in Information Connectivity.

Performing task with reliability, dependability and commitment.

When providing software solutions, excellence must always be observed. Above Infranet, a subsidiary of Jinisys Software Inc., provides communication solutions that are of this caliber. However, due to the fast-paced improvement in communication technology, clients may find themselves lost trying to implement even the most perfect network infrastructure solution they can get their hands on. This is where consultancy support comes in. Above Infranet provides consultancy support for those who are having a hard time understanding how a particular software or system works as part of a communications solution. While quite similar to customer support, consultancy support’s main focus is on offering advice where improvement or a solution is necessary. Many companies strive to offer quality support, but very few can actually push through with it. The problem now is this: How can you choose the best consultancy support provider? There are more than enough companies to overwhelm you in your search for a good consultancy support provider, and not all of them are worth your time. When choosing a consultancy support provider, there are a few valued qualities that you, a potential client, should look for. Probably the best part of this is how Above Infranet has them all.


IT consultancy support is not an easy service to provide. Those who offer it must look at a problem from a client’s point of view and provide advice that is easily understood even by clients who have virtually zero knowledge on a solution provided. A solutions provider must translate a page full of jargon into a simplified answer that their clients can understand.

Excellence and Quality

As a client, you’d want excellence and quality in a solutions services provider. You must also look for these two in a consultancy support provider. The quality of consultancy advice is almost as important as the quality of the solution itself. A company that strives for excellence is a company you’d want to work with.


While it may not be one of the first things to look for, teamwork actually makes a big difference when providing consultancy support services. Look for a team of specialists who work together towards the same, ultimate goal, onsite and offsite. Openness and harmony among the members of the team must be evident from the first meeting.


Of course, none of all these will matter without delivery. A consultancy support provider will be trusted to deliver advice and solution of a certain quality in a certain timeframe. Do not work with a company that leaves you doubting. Work with one that gives you peace of mind. Clients both old and new in the industry may need consultancy support any time they’re at a loss on what to do next. If you find yourself in this state, we at Above Infranet, will be able to help you out. These qualities are our corporate values. We live by experience, excellence, quality, teamwork and trustworthiness – everything you need in an IT consultancy services provider. We cannot always promise simple solutions, but we can promise simple explanations in a way you’d understand.


Our Solutions

Above Infranet offers services that makes sure that the over all overall customer experience is at its best.

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