Importance of VoIP in IP-PABX

PABX (Private Automated Branch Exchange) is a switching system, which helps in concentrating the central office lines and eases the intercommunication between larger number of people in the organization. It also connects the central office line onto the public switched telephone network and enable communication of anyone in the organization to the outside world. This is the way the traditional PABX works. But the IP-PABX adds another feather to this system, which enables video, audio and message communication through the Internet Protocol (IP).

What are advantages of using IP PABX over Traditional PABX?

IP PABX significantly reduces the operation cost of the system when compared to the traditional system. How does it do that? By switching on to the VoIP routing, the costs can be reduced significantly. It can be reduced by making the system business owned, rather than the hosted system. Hosted systems are particularly costly compared to business owned system. The IP PABX also provides numerous features, which cannot even be imaginable in the traditional PABX system.

How does VoIP integrate into IP-PABX system?

A VoIP phone based IP System, includes one or many VoIP phones along with a IP server and sometimes a VoIP gateway. The IP PABX system, connects the VoIP phone (soft phone or hardware) to the IP PABX server and the server connect simultaneous to the Internet Protocol via VoIP gateway or VoIP service provider.

Many industry experts feel that the key thing in PBX system is the elimination of hardware and transforming communication towards the application oriented one. VoIP PABX can achieve that for the organization.

Why VoIP in IP-PABX?

VoIP adds many advantages to the IP-PABX. Some of these advantages are,

  • VoIP based phone system in PABX, allows self-maintenance, thereby saving a lot of cost for the organization. Non VoIP based PABX system incurs a lot of maintenance cost. VoIP based phone system used a flexible graphical user interface which allows easy self-maintenance.
  • Integrating the VoIP based phone system onto the SIP trunks gives a significant cost reduction to the organization.
  • VoIP based connection also allows free calls between extensions and also between extensions in two different location, thereby posing a potential cost benefit.
  • VoIP system allows the organization to connect the phones and PC’s onto the same network, thereby saving a lot of cabling costs. Reduction in cables also reduces the complexity in maintenance.
  • VoIP based technology is the booming area, hence a lot of innovation is happening in this. This increases the competition and as a result cost of these system keeps dropping. This system was criticized for high initial cost for setting up the system. But due to the innovation and cost reduction initiatives from the phone makers, that criticism will soon be broken to pieces.
  • This system gives flexibility to the organization and allows easy addition and removal of names into and out of the system. Older traditional method needs a lengthy procedure with cabling, routing, etc.
  • In addition to all the standard features of the IP PABX, VoIP based system also gives many additioncal features, such as

o    Conference calls

o    Call transferring and voice mails

o    Auto-attendant

o    IVR

o    Custom hours and many more.

In addition to all the above mentioned advantages, the VoIP based IP PABX gives the added advantage to the organization over their competition in two perspectives. Firstly, this allows the organization to execute and direct their calls with customers and vendors more efficiently, thereby reducing the drop of customers due to the poor reception from the company. Secondly this also allows the bigger cost benefit over time, which will definitely reduce the operational cost to the company.

Knowing the benefits of VoIP in the PABX, many organizations are starting to switch to the VoIP based system in the recent past. The trend of organization shifting to VoIP is another clear indication to the advantages that the VoIP possess and the benefits that the organizations gets through it.


Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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