NEC PABX in the Philippines

NEC PABX in the Philippines

PABX system which uses the NEC products (hardware and software) is called as NEC PABX. There are various other companies which offer devices for PABX system. Why NEC and not any other product? NEC Products has lot of distinctive features and they provide them at a very low cost.

Do NAC devices stand out? We cannot conclude on that. NEC devices most definitely offer various features which other products don’t generally offer. But other products like AVAYA also have distinct features which NEC does not have. But one can debate that some of the features in AVAYA are just a luxury if not necessary. NEC also offers some of the luxury features but does not miss out on the important/necessary features.

Lot of hardware is required to establish a PABX system. But the most important hardware is the IP Telephone. NEC keeps updating their version of IP phones and keep coming up with new innovations in the design. NEC does not just offer the IP Phones, but all the other required hardware and software as well.

NEC Phones and its capabilities were compared against other leading manufacturers of IP Phones. The conclusion is that NEC is on par with all other products and infact has some distinct advantages over the other products.

PABX is becoming very popular in Philippines and Above Infranet Solutions is one of the leading organizations in Philippines which provide various PABX solutions, installation, and integration to the customers. Above Infranet Solutions has struck a partnership with NEC for device supply. NEC offers various PABX Devices. The variety that they have suits many requirements and it is even difficult to find a gaping hole in their features list.

The partnership between Above Infranet Solutions and NEC Philippines has made the life easier for the customers in Philippines. Above Infranet takes care of planning and designing the communication system for the company and NEC saves customers the trouble of running behind the hardware and software that is required. This partnership also guarantees hassle free communication for the organization and increases productivity as well.

Can NEC PABX increase productivity of organization? Yes of course it can. Communication system is important factor in many industries like Hotels, Real estates and even in multi-national companies. With an improper communication system the organization tend to miss/lose some important calls and hence they lose big opportunity as well to grow the organization. For effective communication the companies may need various means of communication like video, text or voice messages. Above infranet makes sure that the need of company is satisfied through efficient design of the PABX along with future growth options as well. NEC makes sure that the highly efficient and productive hardware/software is provided to complete the system. With this combination of Aboveinfranet and NEC, the company can rest assured that they can achieve the desired communication system and hence increase productivity.

Another important factor of getting to extend the performance of PABX system is through proper maintenance and service of equipment and device. Above Infranet along with NEC offers group of highly skilled and trained architects and engineers who can guarantee proper installation, maintenance and after sales service of PABX system and devices connected to them.

Partnership between NEC and Above Infranet also makes sure that any innovation and new product launched by NEC is made available in Philippines for installation immediately and before any others in the world. NEC offers various hardware’s like Servers, IP terminals, Communication gateways, Workstations, etc.

In addition to above mentioned hardware’s some network based hardware’s are also required. Such as                Repeater (Signal enhancer), Hub (Connect computers), Bridge (Intelligent/Automated Hub), Switch (multi-port bridge), Router (routing table and call forwarding accordingly), Gateway (router or a switch or a firewall or a proxy server), Modem (Signal converter) and NIC (Network interface controller connect computer to a network). NEC also provides above mentioned hardware’s for installation.

There are some disadvantages like cost, maintenance, etc. to the PABX system and there was ways to overcome these disadvantages though. So if an organization strives to get a better communication system with lower operating cost, then PABX is the only solution.

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Article by PABX Philippines.

Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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