Above Infranet: NEC and AVAYA Phones

Above Infranet: NEC and AVAYA Phones

What is PABX?

Out of all the equipment that is required to setup a PABX system for an organization, the most important equipment is the IP Phones. Many vendors currently provide advanced IP phones with advanced features. Out of these two major providers are AVAYA and NEC.

The latest product from AVAYA is 9600 series phones and the latest product from NEC is SL1000 Phones. Both these are the advanced product from the respective companies.

NEC SL1000 Phone:

This phone is loaded with lot of functions, and provides employees with brilliant communication network and also contributes to reduction of overall ownership cost of PABX. This also provides hybrid ports which supports integration of multiple lines without complex settings. SL1000 also provides scalability, which scale from 8 extensions to 128 extensions. This phone makes the system so flexible that can satisfy ever expanding demands of communication infrastructure of an organization.

SL1000 enables both VoIP connection and standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks and extensions. This against adds another dimension to flexibility aspect. SL1000 also provides a 24 line IP terminal and this terminal can either be location inside the office or in an outside place remotely.

SL1000 increases the efficiency of productive communication via advanced features such as conference, automated call attendant, call forwarding, etc. SL1000 also has a unique feature which sets on the alarm or an auto warning message when triggered via Office guard functions.

This NEC latest phone uses 25% lesser power than its predecessors and offers a lot of cost saving to the organization. SL1000 also allows auto standby mode for office closing hours which enables power saving and increases performance as well.

AVAYA 9600 series phones:

AVAYA 9600 series phones are also loaded with hefty features that can make company-wide communication easy. This IP phone can offer many facilities such as instant messaging, calendar, call history, productivity apps, colleague presence, etc.

Introduction of touch screens in 9600 series phones differentiates them from the other company phones of similar category. These touch screens also makes the user job easy as it is easy to learn and use.

9600 series phones use 40 – 60% lesser power when compared to other similar phones. This phone like SL1000 can enable both VoIP and SIP connection. This phone increases the audio output quality via super acoustics design.


From the details discussed on both the phones one can easily understand that both of them are equally competitive and good. One model can outscore the other in a particular area. But both of them are equally preferred for PABX integration/installation in Philippines.

The main place where AVAYA outscores the NEC phone is in the display and audio category. AVAYA phones supports touch screen display and their super acoustics design gives good clarity audio via handset.

The main area where NEC outscores AVAYA is in the connectivity and flexibility. NEC phones gives huge scalability and flexible for multiline connection as well.

But considering both pros and cons of each phone, one can never choose between the two very easily. Both of them have equally good attractive features which will attract the customer towards them. One can just decide based on what his requirement is and select the AVAYA or NEC appropriately based on their pros and cons. If still confusion prevails only option can be flip of a coin to decide which one to purchase. That’s how close the race is between the two phones. Above Infranet provides both AVAYA and NEC phones to their customers in Philippines based on their requirement and likes and dislikes.

However these two vendors are the best suited for the market needs of Philippines.

Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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