Hotel PABX System Integration in Philippines

Hotel PABX System Integration in Philippines

What is PABX?

PABX has a lot of advantages over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). There is no visible disadvantage to this system.

Why do hotel needs PABX systems?

Hospitality industry like hotels/motels require to

  • Set the benchmark for professional service of the guests
  • Provide rich, happier and delightful experience to the guests
  • Maintain systematic activities in proper sequence

For hotels to achieve the above mentioned goals, they must have a fully automated and specialized communication system which can connect the guest to any required department in the hotel just by press of a button.

Why do hotels switch to PABX system from their traditional communication system?

In addition to enabling hotels meet the above mentioned goals, PABX system also helps financially as it is a cost effective solution when compared to traditional system.

How PABX system is cost effective?

Traditional system uses TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) architecture and PSTN connectivity, whereas Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) PABX system uses already available data network in the hotels to enable connection between different extensions at almost zero cost. Only cost incurred is from the internet bill.

Another key feature to PABX system in hotels is the flexibility that it provides. Flexibility in terms of management of the system either distributed or centralized. In case of small hotel chains, the management can have a single centralized PABX system which can handle communication of all the hotels in the chain from a single location. For larger hotel chains, each hotel can have a distributed system which can have inter communication between them.

Other than cost effectiveness and flexibility many PABX system providers offer lot of special features which definitely will please the customers and give a delightful stay in the hotel. Above Infranet Solutions Inc. is one of the leading PABX system providers in Philippines. They offer complete PABX system solution to their clients. They offer a lot of special features along with their PABX system which the hotels can benefit from. These special features helps in making sure that the hotel customers don’t get frustrated without proper guidance on what to do when they need some help with something. They also help in getting consolidated details about the system very easily for financials and other budgeting purposes as well. Some of them are,

  • Auto Call distributor à Distinguishes incoming calls and distributes automatically based on purpose
  • Auto attendant à Incoming call automatically attended by recorded voice attendant
  • Auto directory à Customers can reach any department/staff in hotel with a single button using preset options provided to customer.
  • Wakeup calls and remainders
  • Busy override à Even when there is an ongoing conversation, this can override that to deliver some urgent messages
  • Call forwarding, Busy, privileges, waiting, etc.
  • Conference calls
  • Music on hold
  • Voice messages and broadcasting
  • Welcome messages
  • Web-based front desk user wizard

Above are very few among the exhaustive list of options available via PABX for hotels.

How can PABX be integrated in Hotels?

Integration of PABX system in hotels with intercom phone system allows greater flexibility to hotels. This opens another route for call transfer other than just the PABX IP network. The other route is nothing but the PSTN. With proper integration the calls can be transferred from PABX phone onto a mobile phone, landline or any other PABX phone in any other PABX system.

Initial investment has to be done to develop the infrastructure for PABX system in hotels. But the financial returns due to this system can be realized much earlier when compared to traditional system. In addition, all the listed benefits can be provided to customers by hotels which definitely will please the customers.

Above Infranet Solutions Inc. has lot of experience in installing this system from small to very large hotels. In addition to installation they will also take care of procurement of required equipment from reliable vendors. PABX system Installation is a very simple three step process,

  • Survey the premises and make layout for installation based on inputs from hotel management (inputs include no of extension lines and location of PABX system, etc)
  • As per the layout, purchase the required items from reliable vendors
  • Longest step à actual installation as per the designed layout (wiring, handsets, PABX system, etc)

Hotels once complete installation of PABX system, start reaping the larger benefits like cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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