PBX and VoIP

PBX and VoIP

Recent advances in technology have allowed the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, also referred to as PABX, to adopt a new channel for transmissions. Instead of the conventional method of using PSTN or Digital lines for transmissions, the IP PBX system uses the internet as the primary channel. The usage of this new transmission channel for calls and communication takes advantage of the cheaper rates of the internet compared to the traditional phone lines. The IP PBX system functions similarly to its predecessor but can switch between traditional telephone and VoIP users. This allows the VoIP users to still be able to communicate with others that are not utilizing the internet protocol enabled terminals. It is even possible to contact mobile phone users while still maintaining the cheap internet rates by integrating VoIP GSM Gateways into the network though this requires a larger network equipment investment.

IP PBX also includes a lot of features that the standard system does not have such as the ability to contact travelling colleagues for conference calls or videos. More functions that are integrated with internet operations and applications are also supported however, this may require additional licenses, hardware, or software to be enabled. Some of the features IP PBX supports are:

  • Remote conference rooms
  • Voicemail, instant messaging, video message broadcast grouping
  • Call queuing and diverting
  • Live remote branch monitoring
  • File transfers
  • NIS routing
  • Cheaper call rates to IP terminals, landlines, and mobile phone users
  • Call screening
  • Directory Phonebook and speed dialing
  • GSM gateway ready
  • Cost calculations

With a host of top-of-the-line features and functions, the IP PBX VoIP system is the next step in business communications innovation. Enjoy fast and efficient communication coupled with reduced costs using VoIP technology.

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