Above Infranet on NEC PABX Price Quote

Above Infranet on NEC PABX Price Quote

Above Infranet Solutions Inc., is a partner of NEC, and we can supply and install NEC PABX products. As a certified partner we have access to NEC technologies specially for voice communication platforms. 

Why invest on PABX system?

PABX system is starting to play huge part in many organizations. Transition from traditional PSTN lines to PABX system is not very cheap though. They why do you think people are opting for PABX system. Many organizations switch to PABX system and ready to incur the additional cost associated with is due to many reasons. PABX system can,

  • Reduce Company operating cost
  • Automate communication à improve call traffic and increase productivity
  • Increase flexibility and allows easy up gradation
  • Offer additional unique features which traditional line can never offer

There are some disadvantages to this system and there was ways to overcome these disadvantages though. Some of the well-known disadvantages of this system are

  • Constant power supply is a must
  • Connectivity to mobile workforce is not possible
  • Huge investment cost is associated with installation
  • Upgrade and maintenance downtime
  • Outdating of equipment and scalability restrictions

Every organization should understand the importance of PABX system  to their organization and what it can bring in to the organization. Many industries cater to PABX system for managing their business communication.

Is PABX system worth the investment?

Yes of course it is. The initial investment may seem to be high when compared to traditional communication system. But when we take the call cost reduction into account the turnaround for extra investment can be made rather quickly. In addition to the financial benefits the users of PABX is offered a lot of special features by almost all the PABX system solution organizations. Above Infranet Solution Inc is a leader in PABX installation in Philippines. They offer a lot of products which can cater to wider range of customers with different business requirements.

All major multi-national Corporates were the very first ones to switch to PABX system. Nowadays all major hotel networks, real estate/condominium isswitching to PABX system since they have started realizing the advantages and flexibility that it poses over the traditional system.

Hospitality industry and PABX

All major hotel chains in all major countries started migrating towards the PABX system. PABX in Hotels especially is a delight. Since hotel industry interacts with daily activities of a guest, satisfying guest need is most important for the hotel management. With PABX they could give their guests a delightful experience and stay at their hotels. PABX offers a one touch dials for many departments which can easily be used by guests to contact concerned department in hotel and get whatever they wanted. They offer a lot of special features along with Hotel PABX integration and installation.

Real estate/Condominium and PABX

Real estate agencies need an effective communication system, so that they manage calls between, offices, tenants, vendors, purchasers, etc effectively. Real estate agencies should always remain contactable at all times. The secondary objective that real estate agencies try to achieve through communication system is lower call costs. PABX can help them achieve both the objectives with ease. Above Infranet also offers PABX integration and installation for real estate agencies as well.

Above infranet can supply both NEC PABX and AVAYA PABX products to users. They also have wide range of product offerings and solutions for different type of businesses and offices. Learn more about PABX pricing with Aboveinfranet and place the order here.

Learn more about the NEC PABX Price by Filling up our contact form.

Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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