Above Infranet offers PMS Integration

Above Infranet offers PMS Integration

It becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of operations and logistics as your business grows. The key to an organized and efficient business is a Property Management System software. This automates record keeping, planning, financial transactions, personnel management, and many more essential functions. To make this all possible, two elements are required: a good software and a compatible network infrastructure.

Above Infranet Solutions Inc. offers PMS integration services to its clients to provide optimal system efficiency. Above Infranet integrates the existing network infrastructure with PMS software from their sister company, Jinisys Software Inc. A client can pick from a portfolio of software applications dedicated to a specific property management field such as: Hotel, SAP, Restaurant, Housekeeping, and Call management. Clients may also choose to have a custom software developed to cater to their specific needs. The management software available includes but are not limited to:

Above Infranet provides a wide range of integration services that fits all aspects of PMS. Some of the more common applications of PMS are:

  • Hospitality Industry

The software has the role of handling multiple hospitality operations crucial to the establishment. It addresses the needs of various hotel departments such as: reservations, guest logs, housekeeping, sales, front office, and much more. It also makes sure that these departments are properly coordinated.

  • Real Estate Industry

It is primarily used as an application that property managers can utilize and oversee the daily operations of their property such as: tenant satisfaction, maintenance, and communication.

  • Manufacturing and Logistics Industry

The software is used to manage and maintain the account for each equipment and logistics of an organization or business. It ensures that each tool is properly organized and none will be lost. Transactions, deliveries, damages, and equipment utilization will be recorded in the system for optimal efficiency and accounting.

  • Local Government

These systems are used by local officials to monitor and handle reservations for government-owned facilities and establishments like conference centers and public parks. Functions to oversee maintenance and accounting is also available.

Whichever industry you belong in, Above InfranetSolutions has you covered!

Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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