Hotel PABX Installation, and Integration in the Philippines

Hotel PABX Installation, and Integration in the Philippines


Above Infranet Solutions Inc. provides clients with a top-of-the-line Hotel PABX system for efficient and productive hotel operations. The PABX hardware comes in either NEC or Avaya devices that may be integrated with Jinisys Software’s Call Plus software for an optimal call management system.

Specific features of the Hotel PABX system includes:

  • Auto attendant. An inbound call will be answered by a preset voice attendant.
  • Auto dialing. Calls telephone number automatically, mostly used for voice broadcast messages.
  • Automated directory services. The callers can be routed to a given employee by keying or speaking the letters of the employee’s name.
  • Automatic Wake-up Calls and Reminders. Used to call guests automatically upon a specific time for wake-up calls or reminders.
  • Automatic call distributor. This segregates incoming calls depending on the purpose.
  • Automatic ring back. Allows the automatic redialing if a call was missed
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Indication. This shows the status of the key (Busy, Idle, Ringing, Call forward on, etc.).
  • Busy override. Allows from to contact the guest even if he is in an ongoing conversation. This is useful to convey urgent messages.
  • Call blocking. Useful for blocking calls from unwanted people or from everyone.
  • Call forwarding on busy or absence. Very important so that the caller will be attended to
  • Call logging. Used to track the calls made and received
  • Call Budgeting. Used to allot the calls a guest can make.
  • Call Cost Calculation. Automatically calculates the total cost and cost per call of a guest.
  • Call transfer. A necessary feature in any telephony system. Transfer your calls to another person/operator.
  • Call Privileges. Used to configure what kind of calls a guest can make.
  • Call waiting. A feature that indicates if there is an incoming call.
  • Check-in/Check-Out Reminder. Provides a guest check in and out system reminder for guests
  • Conference call. Great feature used to have meetings or conversations with a group.
  • Custom greetings. Customize the phone greetings with inbound calls.
  • Customized abbreviated dialing. Set up speed dialing keys for faster connections.
  • Do Not Disturb. Assigns a Do Not Disturb status on the telephone
  • Third-Party PMS/CAS Integration. Is compatible with property management systems for hotels with call accounting systems integration
  • Guest-In/Guest-Out Status. A phone status that indicates if a guest has left the premises
  • Interactive voice response. A feature within the auto-attendant that plays a recording depending on that keys a caller presses.
  • Music-on-Hold. Plays background music during call holds, and can be customized
  • Mini Bar Status and Display. Very useful to be able to know if items in the mini bar needs to be replenished and what items a guest has taken.
  • Message Notification. Indicates if a message has been received
  • Room Status Display. Indicates  the room status such as dirty, occupied and vacant
  • Room Occupancy Status. Indicates if the room is currently vacant
  • Room Clean Status. Indicates if the room is to be cleaned
  • Room Shifting. Used to change the guest’s room
  • Remote Programming. Programming the device from a remote location is possible. Useful if the admin is not at the premises.
  • Room Monitoring (Baby Listening). Useful for baby monitoring
  • Room Reservation Status. Indicates if a room is currently reserved
  • Shared message boxes. A very efficient feature which makes messages easily accessible to many. A department can have a shared voicemail box.
  • Voice Mails and Messages. Leaving of voice and word messages is possible
  • Voice message broadcasting. Very efficient in conveying messages to everyone
  • Web-based Front Desk User Wizard. Makes the front desk application much more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Welcome message. Be courteous and welcome guests
Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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