Importance of IT Systems Integration

Importance of IT Systems Integration

With the rate technology is advancing, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the compatibility between IT systems. One software may not work well with another which may lead to service disruption and customer dissatisfaction. This incompatibility will greatly impede a business’ growth, maintenance, and future system support. All this advancement will eventually destroy all the progress you’ve worked so hard to create.

Two separate pieces of software not designed to work with each other can be very problematic though the initial cost may be cheaper. As you update one, the other may not work very well and may create inconsistencies within the database. Maintenance is also a very problematic aspect since you have to separately maintain both programs which can be very costly in the long term run. This chaos can be averted by a key solution called Systems Integration. When developing software, it is essential to design them first, in such a way that they can integrate with other software so that they act as a whole and everything can run smoothly.

Consider this scenario, in an online store extension of a boutique, good integration will allow automatic updates between the boutique and online store programs when there is a change on the inventory without the hassle of independently updating each of their respective inventory items. It will also allow customers to be informed if an item is still available because with no real-time updates to the current item stock status, may irritate customers especially if the items are actually out-of-stock.


Communication between systems alone does not imply that they are tightly integrated. Good integration is distinguished by data being accessible, identical between systems, and should also be well-managed. The elimination of as many manual processes as possible within an organization will yield maximum efficiency. In the end, the most automated and up-to-date businesses without the hassle of consistent manual intervention will always be on top.

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