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NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: Terminals and IP-PAD

NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: Terminals and IP-PAD


This SIP-based  Dtermis capable  of  using  the  SIP  protocol  to  deliver  similarDterm  based  features  and  functionality  that  customers  that have using TDM at IP terminal. SIP protocol with extensionsis supported with this DT.

Key features used by the user in daily operations and functions are provided by the following dedicated lamps/buttons.

  •  ANSWER  -The LED indicates if a call is waiting. Press the button to answer the call.
  •  TRANSFER  -Press the button to transfer on-going calls to another station or to the operator.
  •  SPEAKER  –  Controls  the  built-in  speaker.
  •  HOLD – Used to place an internal or external call on hold.
  •  REDIAL  –  Press  this  button  to  display the  last  numberdialed or  press  again  to  view the list of  numbers dialed.Press the # key to dial the number selected onscreen.
  • (This button is for the terminal w/o LCD.)
  •  CONF – Press this buttonto initiate a three-way conference call.
  • (This button is for the terminal w/oLCD.)
  •  FEATURE  -Activates  terminal  setup  functions  or to program  One-Touch Speed Dial/Feature Keys.
  •  RECALL – Press button to terminate ongoing call and return to internal dial tone.
  • MIC  –  Press  the  “MIC”  button  to  respond using hands free.  The LED is on during the speakerphone session.
  • DT700 Series: UNIVERGE desktop IP extensions
  • DT300 Series: UNIVERGE desktop digital extensions
  • SP30 / SP350 : Softphone

sv8500 nec dt&sp


The DT750 sports a large sixe color LCD screen as well as the ability to support all tradition Dterminal series functions and XML applications.

It uses full duplex hands free for speaker phone and has a 5.7 inch TFT color screen with Touch Panel. It also supports G.711, G.729a, and G722 Audio Codecs.

sv8500 nec d750


The SP30 is an application that allows your PC to become an advance telephony interface. Real-time information such as video, audio and text are easily share through the IP network. Other features include video conferencing, real time collaboration, call recording, quick reference listing, graphical user interface, etc.



The UNIVERGE Soft Client SP350 has risen to provide the demands of an ever evolving communications industry by becoming a total office communication tool.

Its features include a simple user interface, unparalleled data streaming capabilities without the need of dedicated servers, and an efficient phone application with lots of features.




The IAC console requires an ATI card that is installed into a PIR. Each card can be connected to at most two consoles. The IAC runs on Windows and acts as an operator console. It also operates as a Directory System, attendant console, and voicemail. The IAC can be linked to other IAC’s on a network to provide directory and other data sharing.

Its features include:

  Directory Integration includingLDAP

  Directory Database (SQL)

  Greeting Banners

  Single Mouse Click Transfer to Mobile

  True system integrated Console Operation

  Staff Details Status

  Open System-ODBC, SMTP, TCP/IP

  Email Integration

  Voice Mail Integration

Optional features include call recording and advanced reporting including a real-time monitor.

sv8500 IAC console


Survivability options in the event of WAN failure is extremely crucial for communications. NEC’s answer to provide survivability to IP stations and IP Devices comes in the form of the Survivable Remote Media GatewayController (SR-MGC). Both models of the SR-MGC is capable of backing up either 200, 500, 1000, or 2000stations depending on licensing options.

sv8500 2ru sr-mgc

sv8500 1.5ru sr-mgc(e)

An example of SV8500 Multi-Site Deployment

sv8500 multi-site deplyoment



The  PA-32IPDA card  provides  the  interface  function  between  terminals/devices  onLAN  and  networks  such  as private networks,  ISDN, andPSTN.  A maximum of32 lines of terminals/devices in a private network can be connected.

This cardprovides compression support onboard and depends on systems/w version.Encryption is also supported.

The functions provided are:

  Payload:       10-40 milliseconds (10 millisecond step)

  Encryption:       AES

  VoiceEncoding/Decoding*:  G.711(64 kbps), G.729a(8 kbps), G723.1 (5.3 k/6.3 kbps)

  Echo Canceller:     G.168 (64 milliseconds)

  IP Network Interface:    10/100 MbpsEthernet Interface

  PAD:         0-16 dB   Jitter Buffer:       10-300 milliseconds (10 millisecond step)

*: Only 30 milliseconds can be assigned for the G723.1 Payload Size.



The  PA-32IPDB  (IPPAD)  card  has similar features with the PA-32IPDA but the lines of terminals/devices are connected via a switching HUB.

Please note that this circuit card does not support compression or Encryption.

The functions provided are:

  PAD:         0-16 dB

  Echo Canceller:     G.168 (64 milliseconds)

  VoiceEncoding/Decoding:   G.711 (64 kbps)

  IP Network Interface:    10/100 MbpsEthernet Interface

  Jitter Buffer:       10-300 milliseconds (10 millisecond step)

  Payload:       20-40 milliseconds (10 millisecond step)

Neil Rule

Neil Rule

Technical Director at Above Infranet Soltions Inc.
An IT systems integration consultant and network infrastructure adviser in the Philippines.
Neil Rule
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