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NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: High Density Gateways and IP Media Devices

NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: High Density  Gateways and IP Media Devices


The  server’s  high  density  gateways,  also  called  a  PIR (Port  Interface  Rack) is uniquely design. It is  based  on  the  proven  build  and  expandability  of  local  modular  units called  Port  Interface  Modules (PIM). Flexibility in system configuration and easy cost effective growth are advantages of this design. A PIR provides multiple universal card slots for access to a maximum of 384 ports. The PIR’s are compact, 19” rack mounted units that connect to the server for control and also out to external cabling frames via plug-in cables to allow for terminals or trunk connection. To maximize the utilization of space and simplify system set up, most general interface packages can be placed in any PIR slot.


The 8RU PIR is powered by a48v DC or 100v-240v AC source. This PIR offers 17 universal card slots allowing for an extensive range of line and trunk card options as well as providing dedicated special services card slots for packages such as registers.

Redundancy options,DC-DC power supply packages, and TSW/MUX packages are also accommodated by the 8RU PIR.

Connectivity between the TDM side and the IP network side is made possible by the provision of IP-PAD cards in the PIR.

A single system can support up to a maximum of 16 8RU PIR’s.

sv8500 high density gateway


A  1RU  19”  Rack  mountable Power Unit that feeds 48 volts directly into the onboard DC power package has been coupled the 8RU PIR to allow for  maximum  concentration  of  line  and  trunk  packages  and  to  alleviate  any  power limitations.

The  power  Units  come  with  2  slots  that  are  designed  to  accommodate  either  1,  or  for  a redundancy option, 2 hot pluggable 48v Rectifier modules.

Fit a safety cover or to block access to the second slot of the Power Unit if the second rectifier module is not fitted.

sv8500 1RU power unit



The serveris capable of supporting a range of IP and SIP Devices as well as IP and SIP terminals. PSTN  and  ISDN  Media  Gateways  (MG),Analogue Media Converters (MC),  and  voice  conferencing  servers  (VS)devices  in  most  cases  are  common  between  the  U-IPX  and  the server. This  allows  options  for  an  IP  deployment  which  can  be  on  either  asingle site  LAN  or  over  a  National  WAN.Theycan be in the form of a blade that slots into a 1RU 19” rack mounted MPC but can also be available in a standalone box.


Media conversion between conventional Voice Data (MC-connected conventional terminal side) and Internet Protocol (LAN-side)is provided by the MC8 blade. By using this converter, up to 8 analogue telephonescan  serve  as  IP  stations  under  the  control  of the server  system. Media Data (voice/ fax)  is  sentand  received  directly  between  IP  terminals  (MC-to-MC,  MC-to-UNIVERGE  desktop  IPextensions, etc.) in Peer-to-Peer connection.

The 8MC blades can mount in either side or both sides of a 1RU Multi-Purpose Chassis (MPC). With a 2nd8MC  blade  mounted  into  a  single  MPC,  the  offering  becomes  a  single  19”  rackmountable 1RU 16 port media converter.Analogue telephones or fax machines can be connected to any of the eight front accessible modular RJ45 jacks which comes with the 8MC Card


The ISDNPrimary Rate Media Gatewayis a blade which interfaces between the public ISDN and the IP network. It provides an efficient connection for up to 30 trunksdepending on the configuration of the server. Up to 32 MG-PRI Media Gateways can be supported by each server.

The  SCA-PRI  Media  Gateway  under  control  of  the  server  can  also  act  as  a  QSIG  E1  trunkinterface into the IP network.


The  MCMG  blade is  an  4  port  Media  convertor  (MC)  and  2  port  Media Gateway (MG).

The  4  port  Media  Converter  (MC)  interface  providesmedia  conversion  between  conventional Voice Data (the MC connected terminal) and the Internet Protocol (LAN-side).

The  2  port  Media  Gateway  (MG)  is  the  interface  between  public carrier network (PSTN) and the  Internet  Protocol  (LAN-side)

In  the  case  of  power  or  Network  failure, this device can provide  Power  Failure  Transfer (PFT) which connects the PSTN lines and Analogue terminals directly.


The VS-32 Conference Server blade’s main function is to provide multi-party conference call ability between IP Devices and IP stations for calls over the network.  It also sports multiple features such as; multi-party Conference, Announcement, andan External Hold-Tone feature.

When required, the three-way Conference connection is availablefor UMS call recording which allows the conversation between two parties to be recorded.

As  a  remote  deployment  when  a  network  failure  occurs,  the  VS-32  Conference  Servercontinues  to  provide  the  Announcement  feature,  External  Hold  tone  feature,  and  Conferencefeature in conjunction with the activated remote survivable server (SR-MGC).


Multi-service and reliable VoIP networks using SIP as defined by IETF are made possible by the MG SIP blade (SCA-16SIP). It supports up to 16 trunks. Features include routing, call setup, transferring feature messages, and authentication.


A 1RU MPC that can be installed into the 19” rack allows for various MC/MG options. 1 or 2 Media Converter/Media Gateway cards or SIP blades can be installed into the MPC.

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