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NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: Capabilities and Licensing

NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: Capabilities and Licensing


Interface gateways to Basic Rate, ISDN, SIP Trunks,Primary Rate, and COT PSTN services are provided by the server. It provides for flexible managed least cost routing (LCR) of incoming and outgoing calls. Support for calling line identification (CLI) on both ISDNand PSTN trunks are available with advice of charge (AOC) also available via ISDN.
Direct connection into a mobile carrier through E1 link,ISDN PRA, SIP Trunks, PSTN or QSIG links are supported.

Many options for analogue connectivity are available.
For a concentrated deployment of analogue stations at the host site, up to 16 high density chassis (PIR’s) can be provided. This allows up to 384 ports for a 8RU rack mountconfiguration with the 8RU offering full common component redundancy. Install the appropriate 16 station or 24 station packages into the PIR as required.
Theflexible use of a variety of media converters can be implemented throughout a single solution.Ethernet connected IP Media Converters are also available as either 4 ports or 8 ports.

From a terminal perspective, the machine supports both standards based RFC SIP andalso NEC Extended SIP. For a SIP terminal to operate on the machine whether it is an UNIVERGE desktop IP Extensions and Softphone, each terminal requires a dedicated license.
A range ofSIP trunk Gateways are also developed. However SIPconnectivity betweencustomer equipment and the Carriers may require additional development depending on theSIP interoperability and functionality required by the customer and carrier network.

When deploying a PIR for traditional trunks or stations, there is usually the requirement to provide for voice communication paths between the traditional stations/services and the Pure IP stations/services. To allow this connectivity the server can support the installation into the PIR of a device called an IP-PAD.
The IP-PAD when installed in the PIR allows for the conversion of TDM to IP and vice versa. Depending on your IP deployment requirements, there are different versions of IP-PAD available which can allow for varying options including support for such features as encryption and compression.
Each IP-PAD package is capable of handling up to 32 simultaneous calls.

sv8500 ip pad


The  SV8500  can  provide  a  capability  to  handle  approximately  1,000,000  Busy  Hour  CallAttempt (BHCA) in the FCCS configuration.




The Main server is what a basic system hardware configure would consist of. Adding IP Devices, high density Gateways, IP Gateways and a range of terminals are options for added external connectivity.

Load into the server the required licenses as to be able to allow for system expansion and to control all of the options of devices and terminals required for normal operation.


The server system can be expanded simply by adding the necessary licenses and devices as required. It can start from just a single port with growth available up to the maximum configuration currently supported for a single system of 6,144 high density (PIR) gateway ports.

The solution requires System Capacity Licenses as well as specific licenses to allow the connection of the relevant terminals, applications and devices.

These License details are as follows

(A) System license:

It defines the version and the role. 1 License for 1 CPU is required. System License is divided into two groups;

Main-System:  for each market and software version

Sub-System:  for  additional  CPU  such  as,  Remote  Site  CPU  of  PIM/PIR  over  IP  and  SR-MGC

Each SystemLicense has version information.

(B) System Capacity license:

It  defines  the  size  (number  of  available  ports  including  TDM  ports  and  IP  ports)  of  the system.  This license is required per PIR (both Physical PIR and Virtual PIR).

(C) System Option License:

This  license  is  required  to  provide  the  additional  optional  applications  on  a  per  application basis such as ACD and OAI. This license is required per Node.

(D) Client License:

It defines the number of client terminal registered. This license is required per IP device.

The Devices includeSP30 Softphone, SIP terminal, UNIVERGE desktop IP extension,WLAN terminal, etc.

(E) Client Option License:

These are two-in-one licenses that combine Client License and OptionLicense.

This license is used as an Option License at FCCS Local-Node. Each device/channel requires this license.

The  IP  terminals  and  remote  devices  will  only  become  accessible  after  the  activation  of  their specific licenses which are controlled and supported directly from the server.  The number of IP device licenses allowed is determined by the available system capacity.

Once a station or device is programmed into the server, all communications with that station or device is classed as an operational heart beat only, which is via the server Ethernet port. The IP device voice paths or station are however always peer-to-peer.

sv8500 licensing table


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