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NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: Applications

NEC SV8500 Admin Guide: Applications


The server supports integrated application options and third party applications suchas Healthcare Applications,  P2P IP Trunking, OpenApplication Interface, Common Channel Interoffice Signaling,  Fusion CallControl Signaling , Automatic Call Distribution , Integrated Services Digital Network ,  QSIG, Hospitality, and SMDR.


Limitless possibilities of computer and communication capabilities is unleashed by the OAI. The server operations are controlled by a built-in processor which brings about functionality.

Standard programming instructions are easily translated into recognizable command to the server processor because of the OAI’s library of programs. This allows custom applications for the server to be written on any PC.


The circulation on accurate information and responsive action to communications is a vital component to any business. The voice messaging service provides these vital components.

Major Features Include:

 Message Waiting Indication

This alerts the subscriber when a new message is received via an alert light, dial tone stutter, or an active display.

 Call Forwarding and voice mail

Callers are able to leave messages for subscribers who are not available at the moment. Messages are automatically left in the subscriber’s voicemail.

 Easy Message Access

Message retrieval from the voicemail is fast and easy since a personal ID number is not required. However, a security code can be set, to avoid unauthorized message playback.


The SMDR allows the recording of detailed call information for all terminals over the system connected trunks on a per call basis.

The information includes:

 Trunk route number

 Time to answer

Dialed number

 Calling station number

 Call start time

 Call duration

 Date and

The SR-MGC has the capability to store SMDR records in case of a LAN or WAN failure in which the host server is offline. Once the connection is restore, the SMDR record are automatically stored on the server.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

The optional ACD functionality is crucial to call centers. ACD efficiently allocates calls to the available agents in the order of arrival and importance. Queuing can be applied to both agents and callers to ensure maximum efficiency and distribution of workload.

Ringing time in between on-call announcements during a call is customizable by the ACD. The ACD also allows overflow wherein the call can be queued in two points, the standard queue and the overflow queue.

A call waiting lamp is available to be able to inform the agents of the number of calls waiting. The call waiting lamp is customizable as to the number of calls needed before it lights.

   Off: there are no calls in queue

   Illuminated: calls are in queue

   Flashing: a pre-programmed threshold has been exceeded

An emergency key is also available if the agent has received difficult calls. A request for assistance and an emergency recorded is simultaneously activated. The supervisor has the ability to assist agents using a monitor and record function.


The server includes a unique advanced hospitality-orient software designed to address the needs of the hospitality industry by efficiently utilizing a guest or room management system.

Some of the time and cost saving features in the Hotel System software include:

Language Services

This provides language services to guests as well as the ability to inform the hotel personnel of the guest’s language via a console.

Property Management System (PMS)

The server has been design to optimally integrate with an adjunct PropertyManagement System (PMS) which allows the control of many office functions crucial to a Hotel System.

For example:

   Connecting Room Service

   Message Waiting Control

   Guest Information Displays

   Room/Housekeeping Status

   Check In/Out

   Room Change/Swap

   Directory Assistance Service (DAS)

Direct Data Entry

The server and the PMSprovides a Direct Data Entry feature that allows the development of custom applications. Selected guest stations allow the dialing of an access code and up to 32 digits which are then sent to the PMS for maintenance, inventory control, and other applications.

Station Message Detail Record (SMDR) and Class of Service

Hotel staff are able to assign calling privileges to staff members and guests via the class of service feature. The SMDR feature is accomplished by passing real time information data stream from the server to an adjunct call accounting package. This effectively generates call records and costs for guests and staff.

Emergency Call, Off Hook Alarm and Alert Services

In the event of an emergency, these features provide hotel staff, guests and property with added security.

  An  Off  Hook  Alarm  will  connect  an  inadvertently  off  hook  station  to  a  preselecteddisplay  telephone  or  Attendant  Console  so  that  appropriate  action  can  be  taken  by security personnel.

  A  selected  administration  display  station  will be able to  maintain  aconnection  even  if  the  calling  station  hangs  up via Emergency Calling.

 Alert Servicesare available through the Attendant Consoleand special administration stations. This allowsthe relay of emergency instructions to guests and administration stations from announcement trunks.



Q-SIG allows the server to connect other manufacturer systems and PBX’s. This is done by utilizing Layer 3 protocol as the signaling to support circuit mode bearer services.

A 2 Mbps digital interface is the physical interface.

sv8500 QSIG support\


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